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    Hello, was not able to reconnect to wifi network after disconnection. Tryied to reset, still no luck. Can you help, please?

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    MAC address 44:67:55:40:A7:36

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    Josh Wheeler


    This is a little more difficult than if we could talk and I may ask you to try some things you’ve already done because I don’t know what you’ve done, if you’d rather you can call in and they will walk you through some things to do. 1-800-488-6156

    I’m not sure what you’ve done to “reset” the connection. If you pressed the button 5 times then you’ve factory reset the timer which clears all WiFi settings and programs from the timer. This isn’t a problem it just means that it will not water anything until you get it reprogrammed and/or reconnected to WiFi. Once it reconnects it will download all the saved data from your account.

    To begin with just unplug the timer for about 10 seconds then plug it back in. It should either show a P (for pair, if factory reset) in the led display or will show a marching ant around the display which means it’s trying to reconnect to the WiFi settings it has. If it doesn’t do either of these then it’s probably reconnected OR dead.

    Stay close to the timer, within 10 feet or less if possible.

    Now you should be able to launch the app on your phone, it will show a WiFi disconnected icon in the upper left corner, tap that.

    You’ll need to have Bluetooth on your phone enabled for this.

    Now you should have an option to Update WiFi, tap that.

    If it is able to connect to the timer you will get a list of WiFi hotspots the timer can see, if yours is in there tap on it, if it is not in there tap the refresh icon to see if it appears, if not try again, if it still isn’t there then you can tap on the Advanced button and enter the SSID, security (WPA2) and password there. If you never see your router’s SSID in the list and using the Advanced settings doesn’t work then make sure your router’s 2.4GHz network is enabled as this is the only frequency the timer can use.

    If you do get your WiFi in the list tap on it then enter the password, make sure it’s correct, upper and lower case matter.

    Once you have entered the information tap on Connect. The timer’s display will again show the marching ant around the led display until it connects.

    If it doesn’t connect then it’s either a password or a router issue. Try unplugging your router for 10 seconds and then see if the timer connects, if not, you can try these steps again.

    Hope this helps!

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