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    I am using the 57946 sprinkler time only to turn on and off my irrigation pump It is to water a small grove of tropical fruit trees in southern Florida where rains are extremely irregular but generally predictable a day or two in advance. I have it set for and it works correctly on a simple custom every 3 days schedule for 2.5 hours beginning 7:30pm. BUT I want the scheduled watering to be skipped if and only if the weather forecast is for rain or there recently was rain. I do not want/need all the bells and whistles of “Smart Watering” that seems to be set up solely for lawn (and perhaps garden) watering — soil type, etc., are unknown/heterogeneous and unimportant as I know my watering requirements.

    I do not see any way for this SIMPLE functionality to occur except by manually (using the app) putting in a rain delay when it has rained or will rain. Surely there must be a simple way to program this function using the weather reports (not a rain gauge). I’ve scoured the web and don’t see it although all the advertising for the B-hyve implies that this is functionality is present.

    UPDATE: as I wrote this, I finally reached tech support after a LONG hold time and they said simply enabling Smart Watering and ignoring all its details will do the job (alathough that’s nowhere clear in any instructions or forum entry or video i could find).

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