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    I have two bhyve indoor timers (one 4-station for the front yard, another 8-station for the back yard). The closest weather station offered by the bhyve app was about two miles away. Due to micro-climates, my smart sprinklers were anything but. I originally planned on installing an Orbit wireless rain/freeze sensor for each timer. At $40/each from Lowe’s, I decided instead to install a full-fledged Personal Weather Station.

    I elected to get the Ambient Weather WS-1401-P direct from Ambient instead of Amazon (which saved about $65). I ordered it from here:


    When it arrived, I installed it, updated the firmware to the latest version, then created an account on https://ambientweather.net/

    I then told the ObserverIP (the wireless receiver for the weather station that you plug in to your router) to send updates every minute to ambientweather.net

    There’s also an option in the ObserverIP to send it to Wunderground.com — it’s tempting, but resist the urge! Instead, login to https://www.wunderground.com/ and create an account for your weather station. Write down the station ID and password Wunderground assigns the station. But, still resist the urge of linking your station directly to Wunderground!

    Next, go to https://www.pwsweather.com/ and create an account. This also happens to be the site your bhyve uses to get weather info from. Just like you did with Wunderground, create an account for your weather station, but don’t link it directly to pwsweather.com — patience Danielson!

    Now, go back to https://ambientweather.net/ and using their interface https://dashboard.ambientweather.net/devices, link your ambientweather.net account to both Wunderground.com and pwsweather.com then let it rest 15 minutes.

    Once it’s rested, fire up your bhyve app, and select your new weather station from the map of stations offered. If you’re like me, your smart sprinklers are now much smarter than they were only moments before.

    Here are my PWS current conditions: https://dashboard.ambientweather.net/devices/public/5c8694b8f22d75e87032b2b63c646806

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