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    I have an automatic waterer (Nelson Automatic dog waterer fyi) for my dog that hooks up to a standard hose faucet and uses a float actuated valve to determine if it needs to add water or not. So, my hose valve stays open all the time and this float arm controls whether the water flows or not, however, I am concerned if this float arm malfunctions for whatever reason, water is going to flow continuously and we may be out of town etc and totally unaware without anything to alert us to the problem. So, the questions is, can this device (installed between my hose faucet and the automatic waterer) be set to notify me if more than a certain amount of water flows through it for a period of time etc, something that would give me an alert to use this device to shut off the water flowing to the bowl. This is more elegant and cheaper and most importantly, has wifi capability that will alert and provide control remotely than the emergency shut off valves that I’m aware of out there now which require electricity with a long wired sensor pad. Thanks!

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    Thanks for your questions ELF8106! The Smart Hose Faucet currently doesn’t have an alert system like this but it will send you an notification when your timer has completed watering, so you will know when it has watered.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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