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    I am new to B-HYVE controllers but I am using couple OPENSPRINKLER’s for a couple years in agriculture industry. B-HYVE have a lot of advanced settings to setup but simple things are missing. Or I haven’t found or no influence of temperature settings for a watering time? I set up many different ways on smart watering, but I check watering times at calendar – they depends on rain forecast only, but not on temperature/humidity. Are you kidding? One volume of water needed to watering plants at temperature +15 C and another one at temperature +25 C. I see weather forecast for me next 10 days and some days has +10C, some days +25C, but watering time is the same. Could you please explain? Оr i just threw away 700eur for two controllers?

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    @Dainiux Our Smart Watering Algorithm does take into account rainfall, as well as temperature and humidity. The timer may show that it is going to water at those temps, but it will make adjustments. For instance, it may water at +10C, but then if your temperature stays the same for a couple days, and the plants don’t use as much water (based off our algorithm), then the timer will push back the watering. Your smart program is not set in stone.

    However, I did notice something weird with your run times on our server, so I have my developers looking into this for you.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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