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    Respectfully, you really need to get in the game with updates to your controllers and software…

    Here’s my short list:

    Consolidate the B-hyve and Pro apps on iOS as I don’t see a bit of difference between them (except now the B-hyve one has an ad in it). I have an HRC-400 controller.

    There should be an online list of firmware available for each controller. There was a list published at one time a couple of years back, and I haven’t seen it again. I have no idea if I have the latest firmware for my controller.

    There should be an automated or at least a manual way to check for firmware updates for the controller. Right now it seems you need to ask in the forum and then someone sends it to you.

    The app should show rain sensor status. Right now it tells you a rain sensor is preventing a current program from running, but there is no way to directly tell that a rain sensor is active. There should be something on the main page that gives a clear indication, even when a program is not immediately trying to run.

    The app should not indicate it has “finished watering” a program that has been suspended due to a rain sensor. This seems like a bug.


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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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