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    I have three hose tap timers and one hub. While this system is new I am keeping an eye on its activity to see how it’s performing and also to make sure it’s doing what seems reasonable.

    I am a little unsure if the smart watering is working as it should. I see others are having the soil moisture reset to zero, I too am seeing this issue and wonder if it’s playing a part in the below.

    I have noticed the system says something along the lines of “next watering Wednesday” when I check it on Saturday for example. The next morning (Sunday), I get a notification that this zone has completed watering. This can occurred if the previous watering was a few days ago or even as close as one day prior.

    I try not to change too many settings at once and have adjusted the interval to “less often” with marginal difference.

    Because of this I find myself setting manual rain delays on the regular. Other auto delays do work for wind and freeze (even if it only gets as low as 7c) but I am yet to see an auto rain delay even if we have a fairly rainy period.

    Appreciate any advice on the matter.


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