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    I set my system up to do smart watering and I notice that it will schedule the zones into 3 schedules, 1 starting as soon as the other finishes. My system is a hardware version wt25-0001 with firmware 0025.

    For example, it has the following:
    August 10
    zone 1 – 7 min 6:00, 6:46, 7:32
    zone 2 – 25 min 6:07, 6:55, 7:39
    zone 3 – 7 min 6:32, 7:18, 8:04
    zone 5 – 7 min 6:39, 7:25, 8:11

    August 13
    zone 1 – 5 min 6:00, 6:25, 7:10
    zone 2 – 25 min 6:05, 6:40, 7:15
    zone 5 – 5 min 6:30, 7:05, 7:40

    Is this how the system is supposed to operate?
    It just seems odd to schedule 3 in a row.

    Thanks for any information that can be provided.

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    Josh Wheeler


    Yes, this is how smart watering works.

    It’s called Soak & Cycle.

    Depending on the efficiency of your system and the landscape variables you input smart watering can split a program into as many as four start times.

    This is to maximize soil absorption and prevent water run off.

    If your zone is on a steep slope or if it is solid clay it will most likely be split into four start times, for example.

    This will vary per zone per watering as the system sees fit. It takes into account plant type, heat, wind, rain and sprinkler type (and catch cup inputs) to determine when, how long and how many times to water.

    The system tries to get each zone to 100% moisture balance each day, but if it can’t get it done in one day it will schedule for the next day too. Once it reaches or is going to reach 0% it will start scheduling that zone again. It’s important to remember that 0% is not bone dry, it’s a landscaping figure that determines when the soil is no longer willing to give up any moisture to the plants, so the soil may not look completely dry to you but it’s not moist enough that the plants can get anything out of it either.

    This is why it is so important to input as accurate and as much information as you can. The more accurate and the more you input the better the smart program will do at watering your zone.

    Hope this helps!

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    Josh – Thank you for the detailed information. It is very much appreciated.

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