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    I’ve been experiencing issues with over-watering whilst using smart watering.

    As with this post I’ve also noticed the smart watering seems to change its mind as to when it will water. It says in the app that it won’t water for 2 days but then still waters the next day anyway. In December it watered every day for 6 days straight. I know we’ve had hot weather, but that’s still OTT. I’ve now disabled smart watering (on Dec 22) but would like to use it as thats the main reason I bought this device.

    I also have a byhve system controller (the indoor/outdoor timer) on a separate area of the garden and it also tried to water daily from 16 Dec to 22 Dec before I set it to manual.

    I checked the smart watering settings and adjustments and it wasn’t supposed to water daily. It seemed to be more of a glitch than by design as originally it was behaving itself and watering ever 2 days typically (despite December being an estimated interval of 3 days by default).

    Can provide more detail to any support ppl if that would help…

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