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    I have recently installed my B-Hyve Smart Controller here in Western Australia where we have strict rules on how we can water. From what I have heard a lot of your recent updates have accommodate some of these rules (such as a ‘turn off’ period for our yearly no watering months). Another one of these rules is that we are only allowed to water once a day between certain hours, however I notice the smart watering schedule always wants to make sure it waters all of my zones twice back to back. For example I want to water roughly 20mins for zone 1, 10mins zone 2, 20mins zone 3 and 10mins zone 4. It will do the following smart water schedule in my calendar:

    1. Smart Watering 1
    – 6:00AM Zone 1: 10mins
    – 6:10AM Zone 2: 5mins
    – 6:15AM Zone 3: 10mins
    – 6:25AM Zone 4: 5mins
    2. Smart Watering 2
    – 6:30AM Zone 1: 10mins
    – 6:40AM Zone 2: 5mins
    – 6:45AM Zone 3: 10mins
    – 6:55AM Zone 4: 5mins
    – 7:00AM Finished.

    Why does it do this instead of at 6:00AM giving Zone 1 its full 20min watering? I am sure I wouldn’t get stung by the Water Corporation for this as watering more than once a day seen as it is back to back, but it is just weird and feels like a glitch in the smart watering. It also feels like the more frequent actuating of my solenoid valves will create further ware and tare and shorten their product life.

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    @STEPHEN or anyone at Orbit, can you please provide some feedback?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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