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    I have been plagued a bit by the “random watering” that others have experienced and I have a hypothesis as to what triggers the watering.

    Note that I have TWO timers (different varieties) and this is very specific the 4-Zone underground timer.

    Open the app
    Select Settings
    Select “Watering history” and look at the history
    Return to the App home screen
    Select “Zones”
    Select a Zone
    Look at the next time the zone is supposed to water
    Return to the App home screen
    Go back to your devices home screen (do NOT “close” the App)

    Within the next hour watering will start. The app will NOT know the zone is watering and the watering will NOT show up in the history.

    The only way to stop the zone watering is to return to the app and turn the timer from AUTO to OFF (or pull the power).

    If you turn the timer back to AUTO quickly, the zone will start watering again. Leave the timer OFF for an hour.

    When you THEN turn it back to Auto, all is right in the world.

    My hypothesis is that by looking at the Watering History and then looking at the zone without changing a setting causes some kind of problem that causes the timer to start watering. It seems really random because its dependent on when you looked at the App and the WAY you interacted with the timer.

    Like I said… a hypothesis…

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    Thank you for this feedback, we are looking into the issue now.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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