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    WRX In GTA

    Hi , I have b-hyve 57946 and I am experiencing issues with the rain sensor delay. The system is in AUTO mode with the rain sensor terminals ENABLED, with no rain in forecast the system will not water the lawn. I have checked the rain sensor (it’s OK-wired mini click type) and also tried a jumper at the terminals and still no watering , the system notification is that Rain sensor delay in effect. When I disable the sensor terminals, the system functions in auto mode, following the current programming exactly. Is there any fixes or known firmware bugs with the sensor logic for this device timer? Currently I am running this device with sensor terminals DISABLED and would like to have this functioning.

    MAC 44:67:55:03:01:92
    Firmware V 0045
    Hardware V WT25G2-0001

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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