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    I have a 12 station unit with a wireless Orbit rain sensor hooked up. We’ve been getting tons of rain and I noticed a few things:

    1) The rain sensor doesn’t seem to be working properly. I tested it in the past and confirmed it worked then but I noticed last night before I went to bed the red line was on the sensor indicated it would delay the unit based on rain. This morning, the light was still on (I don’t believe it rained at all last night). I looked at my calendar and it showed that It ran my normal program.

    2) We’ve been getting tons of rain but a couple of times the sensor dried out just in time for the program to start. Is there a way to set up a delay so that it will skip a programmed day if the sensor is triggered?

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    @pmd5700 Unfortunately, the timer will only stay delayed as long as the rain sensor is wet. If the wafers dry up before the next programmed cycle, then the timer will run as it’s programmed to. Your sensor may be out of sync, I would recommend re-syncing it. To do this, hold down the program transmitter button on the receiver on the wall, and then hold down the stem on the portion that sits on the roof. Your lights should blink and then it’ll be reprogrammed. To ensure it is working, create a test program for a few minutes in the future, and then hold down the stem on the sensor to cause a sensor delay. This should prevent the programmed time from running.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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