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    Since B-hyve 6 Station was installed at Oct 9th and set up Smart Watering, Smart watering kept delayed though it rained only last weekend.
    Finally, Smart watering started yesterday as the first time. However, I couldn’t see any occurences in Water History, while I could see all of my manual watering.
    Another problem, the scheduled Smart Watering is exactly same with what it had yesterday. Problem is that today Smart Watering was supposed to skip some of stations till yesterday. However, it is postponed. Actually, I saw this symptom everyday from the first day. Smart Watering has 15 days schedule and each day has the different station and interval. However it’s keep shifting a day everyday. Even it worked yesterday, however it has same program with yesterday again. I’m afraid that it would happen tomorrow again.

    Here are my device info.
    – Mac Address: 44:67:55:03:BC:11
    – Firmware Version: 0038
    – Hardware Version: WT25G2-0001

    Could you let me know why Smart Watering keep shifting and there is no history?

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