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    I installed the indoor 4 station bhyve timer last week and it was working good until today. Running it manually from app and during zone 2 the valve shut off early and left pump running. App said pump fault. I had to unplug timer to stop the pump. I tried resetting it but when it is plugged in the pump runs. Following one of the troubleshoot pages, I unhooked all the wires and tested the resistance. All were within good range. With wires disconnected I plugged the timer back in and it still shows a P and the voltage between the common and pump is about 24 volts.

    Also if it hook all the wires back up and plug it in, the pump immediately starts, get the P and if I hold down the button to manually start watering it will go through all the zones and water but when it is finished with all zones the pump stays on. Does not seem to connect to internet with the pump fault either.

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