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    Growing seed.
    I noticed after lunch that the beds are too wet. I have 4 start times on slot A
    6am. 10 am 2 pm 6 pm
    Zone set for 6 minutes.

    I decide to skip the 2 pm and reduce time from 6 mins to 4 mins. I changed the run time and turned the program slot “off” — and app tells me I have no watering scheduled.
    I set the “button” time to 0.

    At 2:04 pm I get notice if watering complete even tho no watering was scheduled.

    I check the watering log and it shows:

    6 am for 10 minutes (!)
    10 am for 10 minutes
    2 pm for four minutes.

    The problems:

    When the program asked for 6 minutes I got 10.
    When the program was off, it watered anyway for 4 minutes.
    Mac 44 67 55 10 4A EE

    There is only one program, in slot A

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    @ts0293, I’ve taken alook at your system and your programing and it looks o be in order. Try turning it on again and let me know if the same problem occurs.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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