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    I am wanting to see a change for the weather delays as the forecast is so often wrong

    I would much rather setup delays based upond my pwsweather station and on the amount of rain received!

    if my pwsweather station recorded 1-5 mm delay watering for 24 hours
    if 5-20mm delay for 42 hours
    if 20-100mm delay for 72 hours

    so often the forecast can be wrong! Again this morning my weather station had recorded 25mm ( 1 inch of rain) and the sprinklers were going!!

    a few months back when we where in drought the forecast said we were going to get rain but never did week after week it all rain clouds went around our location but no rain, yet my sprinklers were in rain delay the whole time!!!

    Please change this option to include rain delays based upon rain received!!!
    Has anyone else managed to setup a rain delay based upon rain received! I am thinking of looking into IFTTT or smart things to see if I can drum up a work around

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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