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    During the summer I set the program to run my 7 zones for 35min each. When the weather got cooler a month or so ago I changed the run times to 15mins each.

    Just now, my sprinkler was running the last program of 35 mins (it was 11.30pm and system starts at 8pm,so should just be about 2hr 15mins), I went into the app and the “15 Min” program was running and after the 15min ran out on the station, it finished in the app but kept going on the actual sprinkler for another 20mins and there was no way to stop it apart from going to the actual console. I logged in to the desktop website and was able to stop it there.

    What’s going on? 85% of the time I get a pump fault error as well and now it’s not following my set programs..

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