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    Hi, I just started using a hub and 2 hose timers this week, but experienced most of the previously reported program and watering issues from this forum.

    Actions taken up to now:
    1. Based on Forum: I followed all suggested resolution which included the reset of 2 hose timers, repairing both, connected both via bluetooth, reprogram, removed smart watering, no rain delay set, recycled both timers and replug hub connections to Wi-Fi. I finally got the app to begin manual watering. My current one time every Wed is scheduled and is informed on the home screen. However, I have no confidence that it is going to work as scheduled. Can the app update include some kind of timer health status via notification? If manual program can start while the internet is down but hub is active, then timer should be healthy to water…
    2. The forum should group previously applicable issues and resolutions in good categories within the forum to make searching more effective. Browsing through pages are very effective.

    Water history:
    1. Looping. During the process of resting all those steps, I found one of the timer’s program was in a infinite loop trying to rerun every time switch between timers on the home screen but the watering never actually started. This looped error couldn’t be stopped until I removed all old programs.
    2. Water history. As a result of that app program error, the water history shown 9 hrs of watering completed, which obviously is wrong and the water used is incorrectly tracked.

    1. Speaking of notification when watering is completed, I have the following issues. When I have 2 manual programs scheduled to run with 2 separate start time, but when one of the program was successfully watered my zone, I actually received 2 completion notifications. Why twice for one completion and they were sent within 2 seconds.
    2. When rain delay was set to one program, I also got notification twice. And it seems to delay all programs within the zone. I.e. if I have 3 manual programs, then I think it will send 3 notifications.
    If rain delay is per zone, then a clearer one time delay notification would be enough… e.g. timer x zone 1 rain delay in effect for all programs..
    3. While I was reconnecting timers to reset and pull the power, I was expecting the hub to send me hose timers off notifications. Why didn’t the app/hub send those notification?
    4. No sure what the timer Fault notification is designed for? Perhaps when the hub is online, timers are connected and auto with programs but the scheduled watering couldn’t get started. That was my no water issue mentioned at the beginning, can it send fault notification if programmed watering can’t be completed?

    Smart watering:
    1. if manual programs have so many issues, how can I trust the app to manage the actual watering actions determined ed by the Smart watering option.
    2. Device smart water setting does an override to the zone’s smart setting, doesn’t it?
    3. Smart watering in effect with manual program scheduled is also unclear how these two types of watering will interact? e.g. if Device the timer is set to use smart watering, and not turn on in the zone setting. Will the smart program check both the weather forecast and the previously manually watering history to determine whether the next manual program would also be delayed?

    In conclusion, I felt like I am your early adopter for these products and doing beta testing for the devices and apps. I paid money to buy these products because of the Orbit brand name, but I also spent hours of my time trying to get some basic functions to work properly. If Orbit wants these products to be successful, marketing and making couple simple to use YouTube videos aren’t going to keep your customers.

    I spent a lot of time to write to log to help you to help me and your customers, I am waiting for your quick response and answers if Orbit stands behind the Brand. I want these products and the app to function properly as marketed. I like to use these products to their maximum potentials, not afraid of no watering, or reset all the time. A stable and easy to operate product are essential. Please work with me to fix the issues so these are true smart watering devices and give your customers the peace of mind.

    Hub v18.
    timer1 v32.
    timer2 v32.

    Thanks, Wil

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    Wow, great post WILHUI!! We need better help Orbit! Phone support is awful. I can’t even get through. I was waiting for a very long time and didn’t even get through.

    I’m having similar issues as above. I originally bought 3 of these for 3 different stations. 1 worked no problem. The other 2, different story. Returned 1 completely and stuck with 2. One of these NEVER water from the scheduled time.

    After doing everything humanly possible from resetting, updating firmware, bluetooth connecting, removing batteries, re positioning doggles from inside my house, everything as above, no prevail. Again, one of my units work completely fine but the other one does not water at the scheduled time. I’m about to return this one too give up on this system.

    The B Hyve is a great idea. Really is but it simply doesn’t work as consistently as I hoped. Please help us or myself and others in here are going part ways with your company. Please help!

    MAC Address for the issue BHyve:

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    Hi Ryan or Orbit,
    Are you going to answer the questions we have posted?


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    Hi, After several rainy days, my timers were programmed to water this morning.
    1. Both executed successfully however I didn’t not received the water completed otifications for either of the timers.
    2. adding the 4th program to the list of other saved programs was done, but how can I enable the 4th program? i.e. if I disabled or inactived the 1st three programs, then the zone still indicates that it is never scheduled to water. The 4th program stored in the app is never scheduled.

    Any fix or suggestion to these problems?


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    Hi, Programmed water didn’t get started this morning. I think the timers had smart watering turned on for the device main setting by itself. I had switched the smart watering off manually and then the 2nd timer watering started properly.

    Problem recognized:
    1. Smart watering of the device and zone smart wartering set to off but device smart watering got turned on automatically. How can it be prevented?
    2. no notification after watering is completed, why?

    Please response to help me get the product to work property, thanks.

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    Josh Wheeler


    I looked at your Hub, it is on the latest version of software, not sure if that was updated by tech support over the phone or other but that’s good it’s up-to-date.

    On Rain Delays (Smart Watering): It is enabled by default for the system because that is how automatic rain delays get set. Without it you would have to have notifications enabled and then you’d get a suggested rain delay. Smart Watering of the zone(s) will only happen if the Zone enables it too, separate from they system. If you’re okay with auto rain delays then enabling Smart Watering shouldn’t be a problem. And you can fine tune when automatic rain delays will be set. Go to Settings – Devices – select your device & scroll down to Weather Adjustments. From there you can set the percent and amount of rain forecast before a rain delay is set. If you want it to be more sensitive lower the values and if you want it less sensitive increase the values.

    As for the not watering at the correct time. I’ve seen this with older versions of the Hub firmware because it is responsible for keeping the time on the timer accurate, otherwise it will drift (this is just a side effect of the crystal that’s used on the chipset). The other way to update the date/time on the timer is to connect to it with your phone via Bluetooth.

    Notifications: Not sure why but this happens to some users and sometimes turning off all notifications from the Notifications window and then re-enabling them will fix this too. If not please let us know.

    Watering History: We have seen this on a few timers, in some instances there was water that had gotten into the housing, either external or condensation, we’re not sure. But this caused some error that forced false reporting from the timer. It is best to mount the timer with the “front” downward to prevent water from entering the housing, this usually only happens if water is being forcefully sprayed directly at the timer but just to be safe.

    Smart Watering: Smart Watering works with a lot of things in concert. It will track the amount of water put down by the sprinkler and rainfall and will use weather history (actuals not forecast) to know temperature, humidity, wind, solar etc and then factor in the information you input as to the soil, plant, and sprinkler type along with any other variables to calculate the soil moisture and then when it sees it’s needed schedule more watering to fill it back up to 100%. Soil moisture is not 0% = bone dry and 100% = swamp; it’s actually a factor of how much water in the soil is accessible to plants, just because the soil is not dry it does not mean the soil is willing to give up the moisture to the plants and if it’s not enough then the plants will die. So, soil moisture has more to do with the amount of water that’s in the soil that the plants can benefit from. The system will watch this and when it will reach 0% a new program will be created to bring it back up to 100%; if landscape variables permit it will refill in one day, if not (soil type & slope usually), it may take a couple of days of watering to get it refilled. So, all that said, you can actually use a combination of Custom & Smart Watering if you want. I do this to make sure I get water regularly but then let Smart Watering top things off as needed, it’s worked great.

    It sounds like you’ve tried a lot of what I’d recommend you to try, it’s just important to make sure the batteries are good, it’ll blink red when they are too low and that they are in range of the Hub. Yours all say the are connected so that looks good.

    If you are still experiencing these issues please let us know and we’d be glad to open a support ticket for you and get things taken care of.

    Thank you!

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