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    My old timer went blank so I lost all my data. I put my replacement timer in place. Now here are my questions.

    1. Are there any firm ware updates for it, if so how are they installed. Here is my MAC address 44:67:55:03:9E:CA

    2. Can I recover the data somehow from the old timer and transfer it?

    3. In the old timer I stopped using smart watering. I even bought the smart cups and properly put in all the data, plus soil info etc. Yet it seemed to overwater and not save me any money. So I went to manual programm watering. So Why even have smart watering timer? If you can convince me it’s worth it, I guess if I can’t recover the data, i’ll Have to do the smart cup thing all over again…… please advise

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    @MROE11517 I’m sorry about the timer that failed.

    1. Your timer is on the Current firmware already.

    2. Unfortunately this option is not available just yet.

    3. I’d like to have you set up the smart program so that I can monitor the Smart Program and see what is going on with it. We have made some changes to the algorithm and I’d like to see if they give you an improved program.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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