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    Firmware Version: 0039

    May 7

    After laying-down some fertilizer, yesterday, I created a “quickie” program to run each zone shortly. Started it up from Remote -> Programs. Let it run the first zone, manually told it to skip the second as my wife was gardening in the area, and it ran the third. Then it stuck there–despite the fact the mobile app display claiming it had advanced to the fourth zone. Stopped it and manually ran each zone.

    It happened again this morning, only I didn’t skip the second zone. In fact it advanced from the first to the second zone–then stuck there–claiming it had moved on to the third zone.

    May 24

    After putting down grub control, yesterday, I wanted to run the same quickie program again, to wet the product. Same thing happened: Ran zone 1, advanced to zone 2, then claimed it had advanced to zone 3, but kept watering zone 2. I ended-up having to set a timer on my watch and manually advance to each zone with the “Skip” button.

    Not handy.

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