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    I received an email this morning saying that my timer has been disconnected for 24 hours. I tried logging in and everything seemed fine. This afternoon I happened to look outside and my garden sprinkler was on. I have 6 zones programmed all of which run during the early morning hours. The garden sprinkler is the last programmed zone.

    I went out to the unit and cleared everything and the sprinkler turned off, however, I noticed the exclamation mark flashing indicating I was offline. After a few attempts to disconnect power and reapplying power, I got it to connect.

    My question is, in the past when I was offline, I was unable to login to my account. Now it seems that I can login even when I’m offline. Has something changed? Is there a way to see my status, via my account, when I am logged in, but offline? I hope that makes sense.

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    Josh Wheeler


    Your timer being offline and your account access are two separate things. You could have more than one timer on your account and not all of them might be experiencing connection issues so we don’t block account access based on timer connection.

    When you are logged into the app you can look at the network icon in the upper left corner of the app home screen, this will indicate whether or not the timer is connected, it’s pretty accurate but can be a little off depending on timing.

    And as you did, typically power cycling the timer will get it to reconnect and in some cases when this is not working power cycling the Wi-Fi router can help too.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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