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    I have 10 stations on my system. No two stations are the same. I got different types of sprinkler heads as well as drip lines, some in full sun while other stations are in shade, low head counts and high head counts, different types of vegetation (from grass to trees), etc. Yet all stations water for the same time. Typically it’s 15 minutes and it runs each station twice so that’s 30 minutes for each station. High flow spray rotor heads and drip lines can’t be the same run time. I’m getting green algae in some areas because it’s too much water. And yes, I’ve configured everything in the app. I also have MP rotors that I have configured as both spray and rotor. It makes no difference.
    I’m on firmware 39 on hardware WT25G2-0001.
    What’s going on? Is there a fix for this?

    Thanks in advance,

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