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    What I need is to set my system for 5 minutes for each zone.
    When I use a manual program it shows ALL zones I think great ALL 7 zones because thats all I have set up.
    But it used 12 zones and over heats.

    I dont have a set time I show up for work, so a timer is not what I want,
    I have the app and when it does manage to connect, its confusing and I have to somehow set it all up
    evey time, if I set it to save the program it either goes to all 12 zones or lots of clicking around.

    Why cant I have a setting with my own preset program of 5 minutes for all zones I can just recall and use WHEN ever I want not on a clock?

    Its a mix tank of 500 gallons and im not always up at the same time and all that.

    Im kind of freaking out because all 12 zones fed today and I have 7 so it just overheated and now its 100f in the shade.

    Im sure I did not make any thing clear,

    I just want a push button to fire off 7 zones with no preset time.

    Im kinda ready to go back to a simple manual clock with a dial, it always works and worked better then my results.

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    You can do this by creating the program, set an arbitrary start time, but then shut the program off in the app (turn off the radio button on the PROGRAM SLOTS screen). In this way it won’t run automatically.

    Then from the REMOTE screen, you can click Programs in the upper right and manually run the program.

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    @flowerpotkids What @mooch91 has input would be correct, just create a faux program and disable that program. Your timer won’t run this program, but it will be available to run whenever you call on it.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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