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    1.For the 2nd time this summer that the hose timer fails to open the valve to let the water pass to the hose. The App is showing the program running as if it were watering but no water is coming out of the sprinklers. I did a test after this failure and it did open the valve. I need to travel soon and I am worried the timer will not open the valve when I am not here and the plants will not be watered. I am thinking of installing a second hose timer in case the first one fails.

    2.Another issue is that I am trying to update the firmware and it is stuck on ‘connecting’.
    3. Also, I do not see this hose timer in my list of devices in my bhyve account. The App logs in without problem and my sprinkler timer works fine and appears in my account. I also don’t see the Hoses Hub in the list of devices in my account
    MAC ADDRESS OF THE HOSE TIMER: 44:67:55:10:A2:E1
    Your help will be appreciated

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