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    Ok..figured out problem but not corrected…need help from staff.

    2 units out of the box I have installed in 5 days and same problem.

    I installed a new one out of box and worked flawless for 3 days until it got pushed the flash upgrade to 020. Came out of the box as 016 firmware and once put at 020, it disconnects from the wifi to never reconnect again.

    I can connect locally Bluetooth to monitor, adjust schedule but try to reconnect to wifi but will never connect. It goes through the motions in the steps to select Wifi connection and enter password and then the next screen goes to the home screen showing it is disconnected. I have 2 routers and a neighbor allowed me to try to connect with his and all 3 routers have full signal to this device so not a router issue.

    I took another new one out of the box and same thing as all I stated above. Out of the box at 016 and Worked all of Saturday and disconnected when I went to use Sunday AM and firmware is at 020 now. See what’s happening here?

    So to reiterare, clearly works perfectly to configure and even update the wifi connection at firmware016 and once firmware020 is pushed to the device, it disconnects and will never reconnect…not even for a second.

    Any suggestuions on how to get it back to 016 without a connection for orbit to do? Otherwise it goes back in the box and try something else.

    MAC: 44:67:55:41:D2:AE

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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