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    Hello…I have invested in four Bhyve hose timers and the hub. And what do I get?

    1. An app that will not agree with the web version. You may set programs for each device in the web interface very easily. But when you check your phone app, none of the web-created programs and/or zones appear. Aren’t the two linked? When you make changes on one, it should appear at some point, on the other…right? Isn’t that the way it should work?
    How do you know which app is in control?

    2. Where is Support? I don’t see a lot of communications coming from the Bhyve direction. How long before the software bugs are fixed. I mean…look at the dates of some of the good and un-answered questions you may find in these forums. Many are the same questions I have.

    3. I have spent about $400.00 for my Bhyve watering system. Second Summer using these timers and I end up with timers which I find myself needing to manually check the watering to be sure it is being done. I use it more as a remote on/off system now…albeit a VERY expensive remote switch.

    I am sitting here with my decision of purchasing a replacement setup…the LinkTap setup. While a tad bit more moneys, it would appear the software actually works and they have an active support department.

    I guess I should have done a little more research before choosing Bhyve. Guess I was snowed with the name Orbit? Fooled me.

    So…clicking the Order button on Amazon as we speak.


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    Hey Jerry,

    You are spot on, this companies service and support is beyond bad, it is absolutely terrible.

    i am actually lucky my items are still under warranty. I spent AUD $2100 and I am taking the whole lot back.

    Nothing works as advertised, how is it possible that they released a product that is so buggy and incomplete.

    Surely there is some recourse ? This is false advertising, especially as they have been made aware of the issues and still sell the products.

    Batteries don’t read correctly, as you say the web version and the app version don’t synchronise.

    I am like you I simply don’t trust it anymore I lost 14 new Plants over the schedule not running. $ another $280

    Hey public, make sure you read this before purchasing anymore of their products. These reviews are true and a fair representation of the facts. p.s. If your located in Australia it is even worse, they don’t have support in Australia and they do not run a support system that works on our timezone so you have to work around their working hours to event attempt to get support. Which you don’t get, and nobody responds.( AND DON’T BALME IT ON COVID, THIS IS SUPPOORT WHICH CAN BE RUN FROM ANYWHERE )

    The product simply does not work and you can’t get support.

    The CEO needs to be held responsible !! But I am pretty sure nobody is telling him and he is too slack to check on the different divisions at the root level, so he blindly wanders the halls of power with his head up his proverbial.

    He will be the one who will be crying out when the ship sinks, I did not know !!

    REMEMBER KODAK MR STUART EYRING!!!! Do you job and fix it.

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    I too have invested several hundred dollars on these devices, assuming that I could build an integrated, manageable system.

    I can say, the hardware is good, and apart from a few bugs the basic networking, configuration etc seems solid.

    The software has had some serious investment, and it has great potential, but the design is seriously broken and it needs serious work urgently. Right now it is simply NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

    The main issue is the inability to manage multiple devices in a workable way. The completely separate management of the devices, and very confusing way of doing this, is just unacceptable.

    I’ve seen several posts from the company acknowledging that the software does not do what it should, and these date back to 2018. This isn’t a good sign, but I hope the work is underway.

    Can anyone from the company respond to these issues with authority, and give us some hope of improvements to come???

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