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    Wow, just Wow, though I’m stuck.

    I’ve entered the Google Home “Routines”,
    Named my routine “Water the lawns”
    Under custom command typed “water zone 5 for 15 minutes, then water zone 6 for 15 minutes.

    “Ok Google… water the lawns” results in “I’m sorry I don’t understand what you want me to do”.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For “Water the Lawn” I used “Ask orbit bhyve water all zones”
    For ” Water zone 1″ I used “Ask orbit bhyve run zone one for ten minutes”
    For “Stop watering” I used “Ask orbit bhyve stop watering”
    For “Set a one day rain delay” I used “Ask orbit bhyve set rain delay”
    For “Set a two day rain delay” I used “Ask orbit bhyve set a rain delay for two days”
    For “Cancel rain delay” I used “Ask orbit bhyve cancel rain delay”
    For “Last water” I used “Ask orbit bhyve what was the last run time”
    For “Next Water” I used “Ask orbit bhyve when will you water next”

    BTW, you don’t use the quotation marks in the scripts. Hope this helps.

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    I’m closer but still not Kewpie doll…

    The command “water all stations works”

    The Google Home routines command “Ask orbit bhyve water zone five for fifteen minutes” results in “Sorry you asked to water station five but your timer only has zero stations, you can ask…”

    This is, as it turns out, not a problem with Google Home routines at all, as when I run the same command verbally I get the exact same result.

    The verbal command to: “ask orbit bhyve water all stations” does work, as I imagine would any of the many “water all station” variants.

    Any thoughts?

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    Sorry, no idea. I just tried changing my “Water zone 1” to read “Ask orbit bhyve run zone one for fifteen minutes” and it worked fine. Try using the word “run” instead of the word “water”.

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    Just some more interesting trivia (I guess I should have tested all my scripts a little more thoroughly). The request for a five day rain delay gives me a weather forecast, while the four day rain delay gives me a “Sorry I don’t know how to help with that. I’m trying to learn.” response. I’ve tried all kinds of different wording for the five day rain delay, but it appears that any phrase with the words “five”, “day”, and “rain” in it gets the weather.

    For the four day rain delay, I can get some other phrases to work, but then those phrases don’t work with some of the other duration delays (I was trying to keep consistent phrasing for all the different durations to make it easy for my wife). So, for now, I still use “Set a XXX day rain delay” as the trigger for 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 day rain delays, and I don’t have operable 4 and 5 day triggers.

    On a separate matter not related to Orbit B-Hyve, does anyone know how to delete the contacts that Google Home uses? When I first set it up, it acquired all the contacts from my phone, which is not what I wanted. I have tried deleting all my google contacts (which didn’t help), and even deleted all the contacts from my phone. I also did a factory reset on the Google Home device. Despite clearing all those, Google Home still remembers all the contacts that it originally acquired. I cannot figure out any way to delete them. As Roseanne Roseanna Danna used to say on Saturday Night Live, “It just goes to show you, it’s always something!”

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    So I noticed this forum hasn’t been updated in some time so I would like to give you all a nice setup example on how to control your Orbit Bhyve sprinkler controller using only Hey Google OR Ok Google instead of the Talk to Orbit Bhyve command. So when I tested the setup of routines setup with specific commands and actions I was blown away to see that it actually works but with some trial and error. Now some of the straight commands on Orbits page actually don’t work so that is where the trial and error works to figure which ones actually work on your devices.

    Now time to show you all how I did it!!

    Step 1: From a mobile device open the Google Home app and tap on the Home tab shown on bottom of screen
    Step 2: Once your on the Home screen tap on the Routines button shown at the top of the Home page
    Step 3: Now you will be at the Manage routines page and will need to tap on Manage routines shown at the bottom
    Step 4: Once you reach the second routine page tap on the + button at the bottom right of screen to create a New routine

    Now this part is very important and you need to make sure you are very specific with what you want to be able to say to have Google home activate the actions from Orbits website

    Step 5: Tap on add commands and you will want to type exactly what you want to say vocally to Google Home to activate the actions you want to set for you sprinklers when done tap on ok and then back arrow top left

    Step 6: Tap on add action and this is where you will enter one of the commands from the Orbit website- help.orbitbhyve.com/google-commands/ when done tap add at the top right

    Step 7: You will then be able to review the New routine you have created and save it by tapping on check mark top right and thats its!
    (Make sure you type the actions exactly as it is shown on website- e.g. Talk to Orbit Bhyve water the lawn. Notice T, O, B are all uppercase and there is no comma which is super important)

    Also just a heads up some of the commands actually dont work from the website so trial and error really comes in play with those actions.
    another side note is to make sure you Google home account is already linked with Orbit Bhyve if not then it will ask you to sign in when you try to use your routines.

    Hope this helps everyone out and if not please write back in here and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

    Righteousroho is out!

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    After I link my b-hyve account to Google home, only one device is discovered. I have three devices, all in the same group, running on the same hub.

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