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    Today my app said something about firmware not up to date, but I don’t think update worked – I see people mentioning higher versions here such as 38. Not sure if this is because last year I requested the firmware which showed wired rain sensor status. Can you check my firmware and update as appropriate?
    The app says my WT25-0001 MAC 44:67:55:02:1A:E9 and version 0032

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    I just installed a new Orbit B-hyve and it does not want to run in Manuel mode 1 zone at a time, it work great from the app. I believe my devices firmware is horribly out of date, says its running Debug-0010 and i cant seem to fine a way to update it through the app, will it update automatically after a few days of service, and in the future?

    Last Connected: Mar 28, 2019, 8:09:46 PM
    Stations: 12 (2 set up)
    MAC Address: 44:67:55:03:a9:ed
    Firmware Version: DEBUG-0010
    Hardware Version: WT25G2-0001

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    @Dougho This was a bug we were experiencing. Your timer is on the current version. There are two different timer boards and yours is the one that is currently on V32 or v33 (they’re essentially the same).

    , I show your timer is now on version 38, are you still experiencing issues with this?

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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