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    I’ve got 3 smart faucets with a WiFi hub setup watering 3 separate lawn areas.
    Originally when I purchased these start of 2019 the smart watering worked great, they would only turn on a few days after rain or delay before rain was expected.
    Over the past 6months they have started to turn on even though it’s heavily rained the day before or when it’s just about to.
    The day before they turn on the schedule says that they will water in 14days, which when looking at the calendar seems about the right time, but then the following day, they schedule themselves to turn on.
    I’m only about 10km away from the weather station that they are selected to watch.

    WiFi Hub

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    Good luck! I’ve had my faucet timers for a year now. Since day 1 they have not to followed any programs- smart or programmed. Despite resetting them
    To factory settings MULTIPLE times, erasing the app and reinstalling. They turn on at all times of the day for programs not set. Which means we are using 8000L a day on programs we didn’t create. I have to manually turn the tap on and off each day to control water use. This complete defeats the purpose of a smart timer. I have emailed, called and posted on here about it and get NOTHING back to solve it. Save your self a yet and bin the timers. It seems like that’s what I am going to have to do as Orbit/BHyve won’t solve it. Sorry to tell you this, just trying to save you the year long headache I have had.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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