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    Sometimes you want to run a particular program just once. E.g.: When you just put down fertilizer or insect control and you want to water it in. Or, like yesterday, when I had to cut off more grass than I cared to, wanted to get the lawn some water ASAP, but the next regular watering was two days away.

    It would be handy to have a “run once” program option, where you could schedule it to run immediately or at some specific time on some specific day/date, and it wouldn’t run again.

    It would also be nice if you could run/schedule a “run once” program without having to turn off your regularly-scheduled program to do so. Maybe even select your regularly-scheduled program to be the one to run.

    <Thinks about it…>

    Under Remote Control there’s an option to run a program manually. (Doesn’t work correctly. See previous post.) Maybe enhance that so you had an option to run a program manually now or at some specified date and time in the future?

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