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    Hi everyone,

    When you first enable smart watering it always seems to set the soil moisture to 100%. I set it to 0% since my lawn is literally hard as a rock and super dead and dry which is why I wanted to try smart watering instead of regular. I ran a manual program watering each zone for 1 hour last night just to give it a deep soak, and also adjusted all the sprinkler heads as I think they were set to shoot too much like a jet so they were watering 20′ or so away from the sprinkler head, where as 0 to 10′ or so were barely getting wet. This morning it says moisture level is at 100%. I was thinking of buying a soil moisture tester so that I know exactly what it is instead of just guessing.

    The question I have though is obviously it doesn’t know how moist it actually is since there’s no sensors connected, so it’s basing it off the data I entered like soil type, amount of sun, etc. Is it better to just leave it now, or does it get more intelligent or do a better job if I was to manually check the soil moisture with a sensor every few days and then update it myself in the app?

    The second question I have is if I use catch cups or even just smart watering, should I do anything to take into account that many of my sprinklers overlap? My back lawn is wide open, and it has 4 zones for just it, each with about 5 rotors that spray in a 15-20′ radius give or take I’d estimate. Each sprinkler head from the neighbouring zone is probably 20-25′ away from the next one, so there’s lots of overlap. I did a crude Paint drawing here to show what I mean https://imgur.com/t15JI8L

    Should I do anything to take that into consideration? I think as mentioned my main issue was that they were set with too large a radius, so making that smaller should help, but the ones around the perimeter can’t really go much smaller or they won’t hit the edge of the lawn. I just don’t want it watering more than it needs to if it thinks the zones are far apart etc. Thanks!

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    @leemoreau the timer will continue to work based off of the data you’ve input into the unit. Changing the moisture balance is essentially telling the timer to start the smart watering period over from a certain moisture balance, it will not change the algorithm at all. I suggest just setting the timer one time, watching it for a week or two without making any adjustments (the timer gets smarter the longer it sits), and once those two weeks are up, access the state of your lawn and make changes as needed.

    We do recommend using catch cups to get the best efficiency on your lawn. This will take into account the overlap in zones.

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