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    Let me start off by saying that I’m not happy at all with this system…So far none of it has worked properly, and because of that I’ve lost almost my entire garden which will now lead to me having to spend hundreds of dollars in buying produce instead of being able to use my own…Now with that said and over with, hopefully someone can tell me what is going on.
    I ordered this system from Amazon, right before I needed to leave on a trip. I installed the hub and outdoor faucet unit, but the hub kept disconnecting…I emailed support and we went through a few tests and they determined that the hub was defective, and they were going to send a new one…They guided me through setting up the outdoor unit through Bluetooth, as I was leaving in a day or two for a week and need the timer to water my garden… It was almost a month before the new hub got to me…This is where all the problems started. The new hub finally arrived and installed with little problem. I first setup smart watering, as that was the whole reason I bought this system. However after a week or so it was apparent that the smart watering was not ever turning the system on…So disappointed that it wasn’t working, I created a manual program to water the garden, and again after about a week it didn’t seem to be working…I would increase the watering time thinking that maybe it was just drying out by the time I saw the garden. (I had the start time set to just before sunrise, so it was typically several hours before I would see the garden.), this back and forth playing with different days and watering times went on for several more weeks, with it becoming plainly obvious that the system was never turning on…I could activate it manually from the app, and that always worked perfectly…however after several family trips this summer, the garden is toasted as I was relying on the b-hyve system to water the garden for the week I would be gone with temps in the 90s, always to come back and find my garden dry and brown. So this last weekend, I thought I would remove the hub and outdoor unit from the app, and reinstall hoping that if I started from scratch the system might work, and that I might just be dealing with a ghost in the system from when I switched it to the hub from the Bluetooth connection…However, now the app doesn’t “see” any of the devices, unless I do the 5 button push reset, and then it will only see the device for a couple of seconds, and it just tells me that the device is registered to a different account and to call tech support…This thing only needs to open and close a valve, it shouldn’t take multiple calls to tech support, and this much wasted time messing with it, just to water my garden.

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    @Dra2120 I’d like to take a look at the timer and wee what we can do for you. Please reach out to us at [email protected] and put “Attention Stephen” in the subject line, that way it comes directly to me.

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