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    Was assisting a non-tech oriented person today with her B-hyve. The app (ios 12) did appear to allow for us to change the runtime on an existing program for two “zones” that live on this program. Went into the program, hit ‘edit’. Then went into the zone under the program, hit ‘edit’ and saved the times we wanted. Then went back to the program and edited the time it should run (11:00AM vs 6:30AM). All good. hit save. One would think they would be done. They would be wrong! And what’s worse, is there is NO WARNING to the user that the app did not save the changes!

    We would get all the way through the flow and then go back and check and the app did not save any of our settings. The only workaround I found was to delete the programs and then start a-new. It did eventually save this way. But it shouldn’t be this way. This was a very unfortunate experience for both the person that recommended she get the B-hyve (myself) and also the novice user who thought she was doing something wrong. You really need to fix this bug. This is a product with probably thousands of dollars in sales and should not have bugs like this. If I can help an an Orbit dev by sharing her username, please hit me up!


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