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    If a timer is blinking white and you deauthorize it, it becomes a paperweight.

    Here Is Why: When you first pair your smart device with the timer the timer’s unique key is saved to your account and is used to connect to that timer from that time forward. Once an update is initiated the timer’s firmware is wiped from the timer to begin the installation of the new firmware. The timer is also put into bootloader mode which requires the key to connect to the timer and that is stored on your account, if you deauthorize (delete) the timer the key is deleted too and now you can’t connect to the timer.

    A little about bootloader mode. When in bootloader mode the timer’s CPU is put into its highest speed to facilitate and speed up the update but if the update fails it stays in bootloader mode until it is completed. Because it’s now using more power to run the CPU faster your batteries will be drained fast if you don’t complete the update. It’s okay to pull the batteries until you get back to do the update but I recommend not leaving it indefinitely.

    Other notes: Updates require close proximity to the hose faucet timer. Because the update is done over Bluetooth Low Energy not full Bluetooth, they can take a few minutes, please be patient. If the update fails, return the Settings > Devices > Select the timer and tap the Update Firmware button to restart the update process. Reach out here or to our tech support for help, we can usually resolve most problems without replacing the timer. The process depends on a whole bunch of things to work together at the exact moment needed, if one of them fails it can cause issues that we have not accounted for, we’re sorry, but we’ll make it right for you if you give us the chance.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hi. I am getting the blinking white light. Here is how I got to this point:

    – Put batteries in the timer.
    – Logged into the app and connected to the device (it connected successfully)
    – As soon as it connected it said there was a firmware upgrade and directed me to do that. So I did.
    – It got to “Upgrading 0%” – I realize it is Bluetooth and slow so I waited. I waited for over an hour.
    – Eventually I had to go and take my phone with me.

    Now the device is blinking the white light. When I open the app here is what happens:
    – It tries to connect but says “Your Bluetooth device is currently disconnected.” It has a reconnect button. I press it.
    – “It looks like your timer is still not connected.” – I take the batteries out; replace them with new ones. Press the reconnect button on my app.
    – Press the on/off button 5 times as directed (it does nothing). The reconnect button on the app does nothing as well. I press the ignore button.
    – Go to settings>Devices>MAC address device>Update Firmware>Continue> – Connecting… – Then is shows a screen that rapidly blinks and says Update failed. Restarting…

    Not really sure what else to try. Any suggestions?

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