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    I’ve read elsewhere, that if a weather station is on pwsweather.com, it can be used in B-Hyve. I’ve asked pwsweather.com if the Australian Bureau of Meterology weather stations can be used on pwsweather.com so that I can get it to feed into B-Hyve. Their response:

    The Official government stations from AUSBOM are currently not available on PWSweather.com. Though we do receive their information from AUSBOM and they are part of our AerisWeather API.

    For example, if you query the observations endpoint and add “filter=allstations”

    The data for this station is available and can be used with many smart sprinkler systems

    So I’m hoping, can B-Hyve please just sort this out. The closest weather stations to me in the Adelaide foothills, are either 1) Adelaide International Airport, on the beach, completely different rainfall and weather zone, and 2) Right up in the top of the Adelaide Hills, double the rainfall and double the frequency of rain, with lower temperatures. Meanwhile, we have other BoM weather stations, such as the Adelaide City weather station, which is not accessible.

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