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    I hope you can help with my problem pairing an Orbit 57950 b-hyve sprinkler timer with my Android phone. The problem is that, during pairing, the Android app never leaves the ‘Connecting…’ screen. It never gets to the ‘zip code’ screen. Other information:

    – The WiFi option to use mobile data when there’s no internet connection is definitely off.

    – I can see that the b-hyve has been assigned an IP address by checking my home router’s status window. I can successfully ping the b-hyve from the router.

    – The b-hyve shows full bars on its screen WiFi symbol after pairing, but the Android app is stuck on the ‘Connecting…’ screen.

    – I can see both my home network’s signal and the b-hyve signal on a WiFi RF sniffer before pairing. The b-hyve signal goes away after the IP address has been assigned and the home network signal stays as strong as ever.

    – I’m using a Motorola Droid Turbo running Android version 6.0.1.

    That’s all my notes. I’ve tried the process several times, read the documentation, watched the videos, etc. It looks like the b-hyve gets connected to my home network OK, but the Android app gets stuck on the temporary pairing network and can’t switch to the home network to follow the b-hyve.

    Any suggestions are gratefully accepted.


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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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