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    I’ve got a hub and two faucet timers up and running, and I figured out (to my great disappointment) that you have to go into settings on the ios app to change which device (host timer) is currently being controlled.
    Then, I got Alexa control to work, for a few moments, but no longer.
    Connectivity seems fine.
    How can I, simply, tell Alexa to turn on/off each timer individually?
    E.g. “Alexa, tell b-hyve to water XXX” and “Alexa, tell b-hyve to stop watering XXX”
    The above worked when XXX was “zone myzone”, but now, maybe after I added the 2nd timer, alexa only responds with “now watering on all zones” and nothing actually turns on.

    Begin rant (you can ignore this part if you want):

    This product has a lot of promise, but as is it’s very very weak with regard to understandability and documentation.
    I think many of us looking for answers here are realizing the software is half-baked and the hose faucet timer product was shimmed into software written for the other product(s).

    Where is the overview that explains just what devices, stations, sprinklers, zones, programs, program slots, modes, and lineups are, and, importantly, how each of those relates to the actual product I bought (multiple hose faucet timers)?

    All I really want is a way to remotely, and easily, trigger a couple of sprinklers on and off. I don’t really need rain delays, smart watering, program slots, blah, blah, blah – just make the basics work, and build up from there.

    BTW synchronization between the online UI and the ios app seems pretty broken.


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    If you open your bhyve app than go to settings> help> Faqs> scroll to the bottom and select alexa commands.

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    Yes, I’ve seen those.
    I have two faucet timers.
    How do I ask Alexa to start one or the other of those timers running?
    I see alexa commands for programs and stations, but those are not unique across timers (as far as I can tell).
    I can name the zone assigned to each timer differently, but the list of commands doesn’t indicate that I can control zones by name, and I tried that, and it’s not working.

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    Has anyone figured out how to control multiple timers (with a single hub) using Alexa?

    Here’s what I’ve determined:
    o A hose faucet timer “Device” can have have a custom “name”.
    o It has one “Station” auto-labeled “1”.
    o It can have one “Zone” with a custom name. Zones are also numbered.

    Alexa commands are documented to support (among other things):
    o “…run|water all zones” (but not a specific Zone!)
    o “…start|run|water|begin program A|B|C|D” (but not by program name!)
    o “…run|water|start station 1-12 for n minutes” (but not by station name!)

    So, with two hose faucet timers, there is no way that I can see, from the documentation or from experimenting, to control timers separately.

    If I say “…run station 1 for 5 minutes”, one of the timers does start running.
    If I say “…run program A”, it claims to run something, but nothing actually runs.
    If I say “…run zone MyZoneName”, it responds “Your timer is now watering all stations”, but nothing actually runs.

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    JHNBRTTN thank you!. You just saved Orbit from me returning this device. I was finally able to get my timer to respond and start watering by using the command you mentioned “…run station 1 for 5 minutes”. I only have one timer so your solution works for me. It looks like the mobile app is getting better with each release but the user experience is an absolute train wreck.

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    i have teo timers and the same problem please help….

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