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I’m very disappointed with what happened yesterday. Not only I couldn’t use the app to irrigate with, but I also couldn’t log-in to the forums here to post a message about the 503 error I was getting.

I ended up doing the watering manually, but a few times the timer stopped by itself, presumably because of previous multiple requests that had failed when I was able to login.

I will be returning this device, unless if there’s a way to put the device in cloud-hands-off mode or server-less mode, where I can just use the app to interface with the timer without any need to connect to the Orbit cloud/server.

This was not an issue with the server or internet being slow. The server was inaccessible, and the account was no where to be found. This was an example why this should never have been built this way, depending on the cloud to let us access the device that is right here next to us.

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