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I’m having the exact same issue.
I installed this product last summer and it worked perfectly.
Today after winter I tried turning on the sprinklers to test them out and it wouldn’t connect- it kept timing out.

I tried tons of things- deleting and re installing the app, resetting the internet connection, completely reinstalling the device on my phone (which was a nightmare because it wouldn’t pair).
After over an hour I finally was able to pair the device but then nothing would work. I couldn’t run any zones and the app kept crashing (would close and go to the home screen of my phone when trying to set up the zones).

Now I’m trying to log in and I get a 503 error. I try logging in on my pc and I get an error. I try resetting password and get an error the the account with that email doesn’t exist. I try to create a new account and get an error.
I hope they get this fixed because it is extremely frustrating.

Of course their phone tech support is only open while everyone is at work during the week.

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