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Just a note: After looking at this more, I noticed that for every smart watering for the past 2 weeks, the system was reporting the same on time per zone, same evaporation, basically the same everything on the calendar water calculator. I also noticed that more location fields were available (vs just a zip code), so went ahead and allowed the system to collect its exact location for the timer.

I decided to go ahead and power cycle my unit after all this. After that, I noticed the unit is now including 0.2″ of rain with yesterday’s manual cycle by the irrigation inspector (it was 0.0″ before the power cycle and other changes). The unit also is now showing next smart watering about a week from now, versus 3 days from now and is showing a different on time for the zones.

So, I can only conclude that for some reason the system had stopped getting weather data integrated into its calculations and was going with a default ‘on’ time. Hopefully, the power cycle has resolved the issue. I will keep an eye on it and update if needed.

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