Home Community B-Hyve Indoor/Outdoor Timer should I set my device to “connect with bluetooth” Reply To: should I set my device to “connect with bluetooth”


I might be wrong but I think the bluetooth connection is only for setup/configuration of the wifi settings of the timer. I think the timer’s wifi connection is disabled while it uses bluetooth in order to allow changes to be made to the wifi settings. You should probably only use wifi or cellular data on your phone to control the timer through the b-hyve app. You could also turn off bluetooth on your phone but it shouldn’t matter as long as you don’t connect to the timer through bluetooth. I have noticed that I have issues when my phone switches between wifi and cellular data and I have to restart the app with the new type of connection. Usually I just turn off wifi on my phone temporarily when I need to use the phone to control the timer.

Now that I’ve re-read your post a few times I think my last line might be your problem, switching from wifi to cellular data. Try turning off wifi on your phone(usually swipe up or down from the top or bottom of the screen to see a menu) before starting the b-hyve app.

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