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So far pretty good. That is after only two days so far. We’ll see how it goes over the longer haul.

It has selections for the various types of heads. It also adjusts the timing of schedule based on sun exposure, head type, slope – some of the trouble I was having with the Orbit. For Turf it has Rotor, Fixed and Rotary Nozzle. For drip mister, bubbler, emitter, drip line. For my 1-2 GPH droppers I actually selected mister. The emitter selection yielded about a two hour runtime, which I thought was way too much. Another thing I noticed but may be just unique to me, I found a much larger variety of personal weather stations to select from. I actually found one less than a mile from my house, down my street actually, which the closest with Orbit was over two miles away. I have the Rachio hooked up with a master valve and also a rain sensor (the orbit was similarly connected).

I did a catch-cup test and found that the application rate default on my head selections was much different than the empirical measurement. Rotary nozzles defaulted to 0.7 in/hr but my actual application rate was more like 0.5 in/hr. The same was true of the rotors. The default was 1.0 in/hr and I measured 0.6 in/hr. Changing the default value to the measured value was just as easy as with the Orbit. I am still trying to work out whether I want the device to control cycle/soak modes for the zones that have some slope or if I want to manually specify runtime and order. Initially I am letting the device decide and I’ll watch for signs of excessive runoff. Also, I have an area served by three zones but it is relatively flat – so I’m checking the overlap to see if that creates any runoff.

Again, I like the orbit tech support dashboard and all the information it provides in a very concise and easily digested form. I haven’t found anything like that for the Rachio as yet. But, if things continue to go well I don’t know that I’ll need that. I went to that dashboard more to understand what the orbit was doing and trying to figure out why what it was doing didn’t make sense.

The biggest challenge so far was connecting the Rachio to my wifi. Apparently, there is a bug when using an iPhone 11 Pro. When I switched to my iPad it was smooth like butter but I probably struggled for about 20 minutes before switching.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’m sure I’ll know more over the next few weeks as it is May in Colorado so we’ll probably have some snow, hail and 80 degree days. ?

Good luck sir!

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