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Fully understand the desire not to throw money down the drain! I resisted as long as I could. Having much more money invested in my landscaping ($XX,000+) than the controllers, I felt I had to switch or I would have to watch my lawn daily or like has been mentioned switch to manual watering – which defeats the purpose. It is incredible how Unsupported these products are! Personally for me, since this is the third issue over the years that I have owned the controller that appears it will take several weeks, if not months to resolve, my fun meter is pegged!

Although my Rachio experience is short, there are a couple of things that Rachio doesn’t have that Orbit has: 1) The detailed information presented on techsupport.orbitbhyve.com – however that led me to understanding a shortcoming with the ET calculations the orbit system performs 2) The catch-cup integration in the Bhyve app to determine distribution efficiency and application rates – although this capability can be found on the web as well it was nice to have it at my fingertips.

While realizing this is not the suggested primary support forum, given how useless their support line is it would be nice if they would just acknowledge the posts here in the forum. But a month since @TSPEREZ initially posted his issue it is still crickets.

Well I guess that’s it for me. If either of you have additional questions about my Rachio experience, I’ll be happy to give you the good and bad of it. ?


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