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I have two of these controllers so buying the other brand at CostCo is something I don’t want to do at this time (although it’s on sale right now). It’s $50 off the CostCo price.

The app doesn’t have one issue… I listed 11 in the original post. How can it not be fixed in more than a month? I used to do software development and support and I’ve never seen a fix take this long… nor this many problems in a general release.

It’s extremely frustrating sitting and waiting so long for a fix. I could switch to manual watering but if that’s the case I could have kept my last controllers. And I’m not sure manual watering would avoid all the problems that I’m currently having.

They should offer the option to run prior apps if repairs take many weeks to implement. When I called support I offered to beta test these apps but I don’t think they use beta testers.


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