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I texted the Customer Support folks. Basically, they told me if I have it set to Smart Watering, there is nothing they can do. They did give me a number to a product support group, if I wanted to chase this further.

Well, I chased right on down to Costco and bought a Rachio Gen 3. It doesn’t have the details that are available with the tech support site from Orbit but appears to generate a schedule that makes sense and accounts for slope and sun exposure. These were items, for me, that weren’t working as expected along with the “Null” zone/station names and unclear watering forecast. I hope you all are able to resolve these issues with Orbit!

Good luck!

Also, another interesting aside. I went to the Orbit products page to leave a review. Interestingly enough, it won’t accept a review indicating that not enough people have entered reviews as yet. Hard to believe as long as the Bhyve indoor/outdoor has been on the market not a single review is posted???? That should have been our first clue!


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