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I am seeing many of these same errors.

For example, of the seven (7) zones with grass, two have a high degree of slope (7-12%), but the app, or the server software computes the same standard run time and max time to runoff as the essentially flat zones (0-3% slope). Soil, sprinkler type, plant material all yield the same watering time (15 min) which cannot be correct.

Drilling into a forecasted cycle from the calendar does not show Beginning moisture, expected rainfall, irrigation added to arrive at a computed moisture balance from that forecasted cycle. However, when I look at an historical cycle all the moisture balance data is displayed.

All zone names are null when viewed through the calendar.

I haven’t experienced the forecast multiple cycles but run only one cycle problem as yet this year. However, I did have that problem last season and @stephen was able to correct it.

I also have the ‘next watering’ as not scheduled even though the calendar clearly shows that zone – with the name ‘null’ – is scheduled.

In general, whatever changes have been made with the app and the server software, the resulting calculations and experience has regressed.

My experience with the support line has been similar as well. The expertise is not there to understand, much less address, the problems identified here. The fact that the original post is almost three Weeks old is troubling as well. With me tagging on hopefully someone will look into these issues.


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