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I will agree with previous comments in that I am:
* Disappointed for the lack of HomeKit support in 2 years
* Frustrated this thread has moved to “Customer Suggestions” out of the blue
* Frustrated that Home Depot still has a banner above these timers with the “Works with HomeKit” logo
* Having to resort to using a Homebridge plugin to achieve what I expected from a manufacturer using native HomeKit.

I expected this lack of support of HomeKit from my [outgoing] Nest (Google) and Ring (Amazon) products, but not this. I, like others here, have been very patient. But you’re brand is in the tank if you can’t at least respond with some update, EVEN if it’s that HomeKit support isn’t happening… If that’s the case, have stores remove those deceiving banners. While I am extremely frustrated, the Homebridge solution works for me. That said Orbit, it won’t for others…

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