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Hi there
I have pretty much same problem.
The weather forecast is different in my zones. All the zones are placed in one location, same address and literally next to each other but the bhyve app shows different forecast for them. I did not check it they are correct or not but how come they are different for one address?

No offence, but I am really disappointed with this app. The hardware seems good quality but software has many issues and bugs.
I have five timer and 2 hubs. from 5 timer, 1 did not return the flow rate test result. There are issues with adjusting the sprinklers radius and distance. It does not save the details. No need to mention the weather again. one of my timers did not do automatic watering until I removed it from the app and linked again. The all is too complicated for such a simple job. Why should I deal with timer and zone when they are both the same? That drop down to choose the timer at the home page sometime goes and sometimes doesn’t after I click on any timer.

Honestly, get a better dev team. Your device and system could be much stronger.

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