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I hear ya. I’m in Australia and what I have noticed is that the weather forecasting is incorrect at Aeris weather quite often around 5 degrees C. But on the day it corrects the weather, some time after midnight that morning. The calendar then resets and as I have irrigation start time at 5am it runs through the cycle. At first it was watering way more than I expected so I change the interval rate, but regardless it still waters way more than I would expect and not when expected and as you don’t know when it’s going to water you go to bed indicating that watering is not due then wake up to a notification that a watering cycle has occurred. Now it’s decided to split the cycle in to two days even though some zones are almost identical.

I’ve reset the water scheduling adjustments and adjusted them to what I think they should be set at to see what happens. Trying to work out why it’s doing what it’s doing is becoming frustrating, perhaps I am just use to watering the lawn less than it should but at the moment I’m looking at a larger water bill rather than less.

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